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Pro Tips to Find the #1 Facelift Surgeon in Northern Virginia

A facelift is a fantastic way to reverse the signs of aging and boost your confidence, but finding a plastic surgeon to give you the results you want is no simple task.

Here are six easy tips recommended by the pros for finding the #1 facelift surgeon in Northern Virginia!

  • Check Out Your Surgeon’s Approach

One of the most important things is that your plastic surgeon uses a style and approach that caters to what you’re looking for. Believe it or not, facelifts require a certain level of artistry in order to ensure that they flatter your features and achieve your aesthetic goals.

So, take the time to research your surgeon and take a look at their previous work to be sure you like their aesthetic. Also, make sure that they tailor the surgery to your wants and needs.

  • Confirm That They Have Experience With Facelifts

Contrary to popular belief, not all plastic surgeons can perform facelifts. Or rather, they don’t have experience with them, so the results tend to be a bit lackluster. Don’t assume – go ahead and ask your plastic surgeon if they have experience with facelifts, and if so how many procedures they’ve performed.

  • Look for the Right Credentials and Certifications

Not sure what makes a good plastic surgeon? Start with their certifications, residencies, and training when looking for a surgeon. Keep an eye out for board certifications, fellowships, licenses, and other credentials. This is all verifiable information that allows you to rest easy and know that your face is in good hands.

  • Make Sure They Have Good Ratings

The internet is a powerful tool, so use it! Take a look at the reviews of your plastic surgeon candidates. What are their patients saying? What is their customer service like? Is the office clean, organized, and welcoming? Will they try to sell you on procedures, or keep your best interest in mind? It’s important to look at third-party sites such as RealSelf for honest real-patient experiences.

  • Talk to Your Peers

If you have a friend, family member, or even co-worker that’s open to discussing their plastic surgery experience, it wouldn’t hurt to start a conversation with them about where they went and whether they would recommend their plastic surgeon.

For many, receiving a recommendation from someone they trust can really help them feel more comfortable and willing to go out of their comfort zone to book a surgery.

  • Vet Your Plastic Surgeon

Finally, make sure that this is the plastic surgeon you’re confident and comfortable with by vetting them and their facility. What qualities matter most to you in a plastic surgeon? Give this some thought when going into your consultation.

They should ask you questions, and you should feel comfortable asking questions as well. Open up a discussion about their past experience with patients similar to you, how they manage and prevent risks or side effects, the cost of the procedure and additional fees, and even if they’ll be able to give you the results you want.

Any good plastic surgeon is going to be honest and informative, as well as do their very best to deliver a safe, excellent experience with procedures that are personalized to your needs and aesthetic goals.

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