Best Hair Transplant Doctor Near McLean, Virginia

Want the Best Hair Transplant Doctor Near McLean, Virginia Now? Do These 5 Things

Losing your hair from alopecia or other cause can significantly damage your self-esteem. However, hair rejuvenation can restore that hit to your confidence!

The key to great results is finding the top transplant specialist. Follow these tips to find the best hair transplant doctor near McLean, Virginia now!

  • Ask for Referrals

Ask your friends and family for a referral to a hair transplant surgeon. Talking to other patients can help you get an idea of what you should expect and whether there is anything they would change about their experience.

You may not know anyone who has had a transplant, so you don’t know where to turn. In this case, you can ask your primary care provider or other healthcare professionals to refer you to a colleague.

  • Research Background

An essential step is to look into the background of a prospective provider if you want to find the best hair transplant doctor near McLean, Virginia now. Look at their education and training, make sure they have all necessary accreditation, and find out how many procedures they have performed like yours.

  • Look at Before / After Photos

Before / after photos are a great way to gauge the skills of a transplant specialist. Ask for examples of pictures from their actual patients. The best photo views to demonstrate results show both the hairline and the mid-anterior scalp.

  • Communication Skills

There may be many competent hair transplant doctors around. However, if you can not communicate with your doctor well, the results may not be what you want. Start assessing if your communication skills match those of a potential doctor before you settle on them.

  • For the Best Hair Transplant Doctor Near McLean, Virginia Now, Contact Cohen Clinic

If you are looking for the DC area’s top hair rejuvenation specialist, visit Cohen Clinic for Plastic Surgery, where skilled surgeon Dr. Justin Cohen loves to help patients with his expertise.

By calling 703-349-7803 today, you can book an appointment to see if PRP hair rejuvenation is right for you. You may not need a transplant at all, as PRP injections could help you naturally regrow your hair.