Your Expert Guide to the Best Deep Plane Facelift in DC

Reversing the aging process is a goal for many, as no one likes to see the lines and wrinkles setting in. However, navigating your options can be both confusing and intimidating.

Finding a highly effective yet natural looking and lasting treatment is even more so. Experts weigh in on the best deep plane facelift in DC and if it’s the answer to your problems.

What Is a Deep Plane Facelift?

A deep plane facelift essentially refers to a technique used during facelift surgery focusing on movement of muscle and fat layers instead of simply pulling the skin taut. Although this approach to facelifts is more invasive, it yields the longest lasting, most natural results.

A deep plane facelift repositions tissues just below the superficial muscular aponeurotic system, or SMAS, carefully releasing certain ligaments and offering remodeling on a deeper level. This technique addresses aging from the inside out.

Deep plane facelifts can be combined with additional procedures like brow or forehead lifts, eyelid lifts, fat transfers, and liposuction. Non-surgical procedures can also enhance your results.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for a Deep Plane Lift?

All elective plastic surgeries require candidates to be healthy non-smokers who are able to tolerate invasive procedures. Deep plane facelifts are best suited for healthy patients who are aged anywhere from 40s to 60s.

Patients who struggle with sagging skin and deep nasolabial folds benefit most from this outstanding surgical solution to facial aging.

Are There Risks Associated?

Risk of complications and side effects are a natural part of plastic surgery, no matter the complexity or extent of the procedure. Because deep plane facelifts are more involved however, an increased risk of side effects is to be expected.

Notable risks include numbness, tightness, scarring, tingling, hair loss, nerve injury, asymmetry, and necrosis of the skin. Temporary side effects like swelling, bruising, and discomfort are a normal part of having plastic surgery.

Risks and complications can be reduced by choosing a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in this phenomenal technique.

How Can a Deep Plane Facelift Benefit Me?

The benefits of a deep plane facelift compared to other facelift techniques are pretty significant, which is what makes it a favorite for both plastic surgeons and their patients. Many patients and plastic surgeons agree that the pros far outweigh the cons.

Advantages of a deep plane facelift include but are not limited to: more natural results compared to SMAS and other facelift techniques, shorter recovery times, longer lasting results, smoother skin, improved nasolabial folds, and easy to hide scars that fade quickly.

What About Recovery? Will I Be Down Long?

Deep plane facelifts can be broken down into recovery timelines. Downtime from social activities is about two weeks.

After those two weeks, you should be able to return to your job, as long as it’s not labor intensive. Complete recovery takes just six to eight weeks after surgery, a shockingly low timeframe.

How Long Do Deep Plane Facelift Results Last?

A notable benefit of this remarkable treatment is that they’re a long-term solution compared to less invasive facelift methods. Not only will you look ten to fifteen years younger, you can expect your results to last that long as well, if not longer.

If you’re a mature patient seeking a significant yet natural looking change that actually lasts, a deep plane facelift is for you, allowing you to focus on your life instead of the effects of aging – for much longer than other anti-aging procedures.

How Much Does a Deep Plane Facelift Cost?

A deep plane facelift can cost up to $30,000, so it’s not for the faint of heart. That being said, the cost of a facelift can vary quite significantly, with the deep plane technique holding a range of $15,000 to $25,000 on average.

This high price tag is due to how involved this procedure is. The best deep plane facelift in DC does more than just pull your skin back for a tighter, younger appearance – it actually goes into connective tissues for advanced remodeling.

You’re paying for more than just the surgery itself, such as surgical facility costs. Additional expenses may include the anesthetics and post-op prescriptions and garments.

The more experienced your surgeon is, the better. However, this can result in higher overall costs. But, it is well worth it in order to ensure that you receive the best, safest experience possible. As a bonus note, remember that higher or lower costs of living affect price.

If you elect to have other surgical or even non-surgical procedures done during or after your deep plane facelift, factor that into the expense as well, since additional services increase the overall price.

Consult with your plastic surgeon and discuss all of the fees that can be expected for your personal deep plane facelift as well as financing options. Financing is a great way to take an overall expense and break it down into easy monthly payments.

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