Is Eyelid Surgery Painful?

Before having any surgery, it’s a wise idea to educate yourself about the procedure and what to expect.

When it comes to the eyes, you might be like so many other patients who feel a bit creeped out by anything coming near that incredibly sensitive area.

The truth is that eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is completely safe. But, is eyelid surgery painful?

Is Eyelid Surgery Painful?

If you’re concerned about pain from surgery, don’t be. This is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require deep incisions and only takes an hour or two to complete.

You will not feel anything during surgery at all, as your surgeon will do all they can to make sure you’re comfortable and that you enjoy a pain-free experience. Local anesthesia is typically used if this is the only procedure you’re having done.

Why Should I Choose Eyelid Surgery?

There are some eyelid issues that even the best creams and moisturizers can’t fix. That’s where eyelid surgery comes in.

If you have baggy, droopy, tired-looking eyes even after the best night’s sleep, it’s time for eyelid surgery. This is especially true if your vision is impaired from upper eyelid drooping.

Will I Be In Pain During Eyelid Surgery Recovery?

Eyelid surgery recovery isn’t complicated. You can expect to be back to work and resume your normal activities within a couple of days.

You might notice your vision is a bit blurry for a day or so, and that’s normal. It happens because of swelling and lubricants used during and after your eyelid surgery. Bruising and / or discoloration will fade within a matter of days.

As for eyelid surgery pain during recovery, it can easily be managed with an over-the-counter pain reliever. Cold compresses also help.

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