How Much Does a Facelift Cost in Arlington

If you are ready to turn back the clock, you may be wondering about the facelift cost in Arlington, VA.

Cosmetic surgeries do not have set pricing. But, when you consider all that goes into a facelift, it is easy to understand this important investment in your appearance. 

First, Let’s Review the Procedures

Before we discuss the facelift cost in Arlington, VA let’s talk about the types of facelifts. Many people don’t realize there is more than one! Of course, you need to choose an experienced surgeon who can make a recommendation based on your unique needs.

A mini facelift is the least invasive procedure designed for patients with mild signs of aging and sagging skin. The surgeon makes small incisions along the hairline above the ears or in natural creases. Structural tissues around cheeks are lifted and tightened to correct sagging in the lower part of the face.

An SMAS facelift addresses superficial concerns and is suitable for moderate to advanced aging. It is a more extensive surgery than a mini facelift that involves incisions behind the hairline starting near the temples and around the front of the ear. Deeper facial tissues are repositioned, and excess skin is removed.

If you are looking for longer and more natural results, a deep plane facelift may be the answer. A surgeon repositions the deeper tissues and structures of the face including muscles. This technique allows for more thorough lifting without tightly pulling the skin. Fat pads in the cheeks may also be repositioned for an even more lifted appearance.

Can Additional Procedures Be Combined With a Facelift?

They can be, and it is not uncommon to do so!

It is possible to combine a facelift with treatments like Botox, dermal filler, or laser skin resurfacing. You might also be interested in a brow lift, eye lift, or nose job for overall facial rejuvenation. Discuss all of your concerns with a surgeon for a safe and comprehensive treatment plan.

Now for the Question of the Day: How Much Does a Facelift Cost in Arlington, VA?

The average cost of a mini facelift is $8,005, the price range for a traditional lift is $6,000 to $8,000, and a deep plane facelift ranges between $15,000 to $30,000 or more. The following factors play into your total cost: 

  • Experience of the surgeon: Never has the phrase, “You get what you pay for,” been more true than with cosmetic surgery! It might be tempting to save a few bucks and opt for a less expensive surgeon, but this could potentially jeopardize your results and your health. 

Instead, choose a surgeon in high demand with a stellar reputation. Make quality a priority, not money. 

  • Type of procedure: As you can see above, the complexity of your procedure factors into the overall price. 
  • Additional treatments: Earlier, you read about the option of combining certain treatments. If you choose to do this, remember it increases your overall costs.
  • Technology: This is an industry that is constantly evolving! The more up-to -date the equipment is, the more you might pay for a facelift. 
  • Additional surgical fees: Factor into the budget tests for medical clearance, fees for the facility, anesthesia, prescription medications, post-surgical garments, and bandages.
  • Non-surgical fees: You may want to give thought to your recovery. Rest is essential for proper healing. Time off work, help at home, child care, pet care, and meals can be extra expenses. If you plan to travel, there are costs for lodging and transportation. 

Are Health Insurance or Financing an Option?

Insurance can be tricky to navigate. In some instances, when plastic surgery is classified as reconstructive and not strictly cosmetic, insurance may cover some or part of the cost. The best way to find out coverage details is to contact your carrier directly.

While it does not lower the cost, most surgeons offer some sort of payment plan to make cosmetic procedures more accessible. Typically, financing is available through major credit cards and / or medical credit card service like CareCredit. This is a discussion to have with your surgeon.

Is a Facelift Right for Me?

This answer is determined during a consultation with a reputable surgeon. Generally speaking, as long as you are in good overall health, have retained some skin flexibility and elasticity, and have realistic expectations you are likely a great candidate for the procedure.

To prepare for this initial meeting, be ready to answer questions regarding your medical history, health conditions, medications, supplements, and past surgeries. You should also be open to honestly discussing your concerns and what you hope to achieve from a facelift. Transparency is a must!

A Final Note

Remember, your features are uniquely yours! The goal of a facelift is to look like a refreshed, younger version of yourself. Sure, you can show a surgeon photos of people whose features you admire, but it is not realistic to expect to look like someone else after surgery.

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