Procedures Preformed:

Revision Rhinoplasty

2878 - Right
2878 - Front
2878 - Left
2878 - Rob
2878 - Up
2878 - Lob

Revision rhinoplasty with removal of a silicone implant and reconstruction with rib cartilage is a surgical procedure performed to correct previous rhinoplasty complications or unsatisfactory results. This complex procedure involves removing the existing silicone implant, which may have caused issues such as implant migration or extrusion, and reconstructing the nose using rib cartilage to achieve a more natural and stable result. Revision rhinoplasty is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to address complications from previous surgery and improve both the function and aesthetics of their nose. The results of revision rhinoplasty continue to refine over time, ensuring a more harmonious and satisfactory nasal appearance.