Procedures Preformed:

Extended Deep Plane Facelift, Necklift with Deep Sculpting, Temporal Brow Reset, Buccal Fat Reduction, and CO2 Laser Resurfacing

113 - Right
113 - Front
113 - Left
113 - Rob
113 - Smile
113 - Left

As a facial plastic surgeon, I am delighted to present the incredible transformation of my patient, a graceful woman in her late 50s, showcased well over a year after undergoing an extensive rejuvenation journey. The comprehensive approach included an extended deep plane facelift, necklift with deep sculpting, temporal brow reset, buccal fat reduction, and CO2 laser resurfacing. This tailored combination addressed various facets of aging, enhancing facial contours, and rejuvenating skin texture. The remarkable results, observed more than a year post-surgery, reflect not only the precision of each procedure but also the enduring beauty that has unfolded in this patient's transformative experience.