Procedures Preformed:

Extended Deep Plane Facelift, Necklift with Deep Sculpting and Platysmaplasty, and Chin Implant

0011 Chin implant_Necklift_Rob
0011 Chin implant_Necklift_Right
0011 Chin implant_Necklift_Lob
0011 Chin implant_Necklift_Left
0011 Chin implant_Necklift_Front

The integration of an Extended Deep Plane Facelift, Necklift with deep sculpting and platysmaplasty, along with a Chin Implant, presents a comprehensive and refined approach to facial enhancement. The Extended Deep Plane Facelift meticulously restructures deeper facial tissues, providing a natural and enduring lift. Concurrently, the Necklift with deep sculpting and platysmaplasty focuses on refining the neck contours and tightening the underlying muscles for a more defined profile. Complementing these procedures, the addition of a Chin Implant enhances facial harmony and balance. This strategic fusion ensures a comprehensive rejuvenation, targeting multiple areas to achieve a harmonious and revitalized facial aesthetic.