Eyelid Surgery Cost in Tysons Corner

Eyelid Surgery Cost in Tysons Corner, Virginia: What to Expect and What It Includes

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to treat a multitude of concerns, such as sagging skin on the upper eyelid, under-eye bags, and more.

What can you expect from the eyelid surgery cost in Tysons Corner, Virginia? Keep reading to find out.

How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost?

According to the 2020 statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, they estimated that the average cost of eyelid surgery was $4,120. This, of course, varies depending on a number of factors.

One factor to keep in mind is location. For example, undergoing blepharoplasty in Virginia can cost anywhere from $2,730 to $3,400. Experience of your surgeon is another factor as well. Higher quality work often entails a higher cost, and one that’s well worth it.

Type of blepharoplasty is important to consider before your appointment, as some procedures are more complex and may take more time than others.

What’s Included in the Cost of Surgery? Any Additional Expenses?

These price averages are only part of the overall cost. Insurance is unlikely to cover parts of the cost if your surgery isn’t deemed medically necessary, so keep that in mind and ask your surgeon if they offer financing.

The prices listed oftentimes only cover the surgery itself. Additional expenses include surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, medications, medical testing, and hospital or surgical facility costs.

These all vary depending on the same factors above. Consult with your surgeon to determine how much your personal eyelid surgery will cost.

Where Can I Learn More About Eyelid Surgery Cost in Tysons Corner, Virginia?

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