Deep Plane Facelift Recovery, What to Expect

If you’re interested in scheduling a deep plane facelift, you likely have a lot of questions on your mind, especially when it comes to healing.

When it comes to deep plane facelift recovery, what to expect is pretty simple. How much downtime should you prepare for? Keep reading to find out!

How Long Does It Take to Recover After a Deep Plane Facelift?

You may believe the misconception that deep plane facelifts take longer to heal, but that’s not actually true. Because of how a deep plane facelift is performed, recovery takes less time than a “less” invasive method like a SMAS facelift.

A deep plane facelift is executed in a way that preserves blood supply to your tissues, which leads to faster healing. You can expect two to three weeks of recovery time on average after your deep plane facelift. Healing is fully complete in around six months.

Deep Plane Facelift Recovery, What to Expect? What’s the Timeline Like?

Recovery after a deep plane facelift isn’t as difficult as you may expect. In fact, it looks pretty similar to recovery after a traditional facelift.

You’ll be wearing bandages for a couple days following your procedure. Any stitches and drains are removed in your first follow-up appointment during week one. You’ll be advised to wait two weeks before you return to work and six weeks before you participate in strenuous activities.

Significant bruising, discomfort, and swelling resolves itself in two to three weeks, however mild swelling may persist for three to six months. Your surgeon will make sure your scars are well hidden, although they do fade overtime.

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