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58-year-old patient 1.5 Year Transformation

The stunning transformation of our 58-year-old patient, captured 1.5 years after undergoing a comprehensive rejuvenation journey. This remarkable individual opted for an extended deep-plane facelift, a necklift with sculpting and platysmaplasty, an upper lip lift, and a conservative fat transfer to the lips.

The extended deep-plane facelift technique expertly addressed the concerns of sagging skin and wrinkles, while the necklift with sculpting and platysmaplasty targeted the signs of aging in the neck area, resulting in a beautifully refined and smooth neckline. Adding further allure, the upper lip lift enhanced the proportion between the upper lip and the rest of the face, revealing a more youthful appearance.

To complete this transformation, a conservative fat transfer to the lips was performed, skillfully augmenting their volume and creating a fuller, well-defined lip contour. The results achieved are a testament to the expertise of our surgical team, who have successfully rejuvenated this patient’s facial features while maintaining a natural aesthetic.

The 1.5-year post-surgery images showcase a harmonious and balanced facial profile, with a rejuvenated jawline, lifted neck, and lips that exude youthful vitality. This patient’s journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of our comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation, delivering exceptional results that restore confidence and enhance natural beauty.

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